Helping your Business INVIGORATE YOU


Built over a lifetime

Through decades of dedication and constant refining of his skill, Clint Tarling has left an impressive and lasting impression on all of his clients. He is a man who is not only meticulous and passionate about his art, but a man who is friendly and always striving to give his clients the absolute best value for money. He is a problem solver.... from the smallest to the largest job always offering an unwavering dedication to creating a masterpiece.


Over the years, Clint has gleaned extensive experience from not only his own installations, but having also worked along side many true professionals in the field. Since operating under the CT Cupboards banner, Clint has been able to offer you, his client, a custom, unique and personalised designed installation. Unparalleled quality is a given and Clint strives to make each installation an extension of not only his personality, but of yours as well.